Definitions for "KIR"
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Aperitif of white wine and Crème de cassis. This drink carries the name of Kanunnik Kir, whom, as mayor, declared Kir the official aperitif of the city hall of Dijon.
an apéritif made from white wine and a dash of cassis.
(keer) A cocktail made by adding creme de cassis (a black-currant liquor) to white wine. A "Kir Royale" is made with Champagne instead of white wine. Named after a former mayor of Dijon, France, Canon Felix Kir.
Killer Immunoglobulin-Like Receptor
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This article deals with the beverage named Kir. For the biblical town of Kir see Al Karak.
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The currency of Kiribati. ISO international currency code KIR. The...