Definitions for "Kinesthetic"
Refers to the ability of the body’s sensory organs in the muscles, tendons, and joints to respond to stimuli while dancing or viewing a dance.
A sense mediated by end organs located in muscles, tendons, and joints and stimulated by bodily movements and tensions. A sensory experience derived from this sense.
The sensory modality of touch, muscle tension (sensations) and emotions (feelings).
Of, pertaining to, or involving, kinaesthesia.
See kinaesthesia, kinaesthesis, and kinaesthetic.
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of or relating to kinesthesis
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Meta Model(tm) Meta Program Metaphor
Learners prefer different styles in learning languages. A kinesthetic learner is one who prefers to learn by physically moving and actively participating (also called a hands-on-learner).
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Refers to touch-based feedback.