Definitions for "Kindling"
Materials, easily lighted, for starting a fire, such as small twigs or paper; -- also used in the pl..
Twigs, woodchips or other materials used to start a fire.
Small, dry pieces of wood that are used for building a good fire.
The act of causing to burn, or of exciting or inflaming the passions.
a phenomenon in which a small change in neuronal activity, if it is repeated, can eventually lead to full-blown epilepsy.
a lowering of seizure threshold after repeated electrical stimulation of the brain at a level that is initially insufficient to produce a seizure. By analogy, some intrusive PTSD symptoms develop through a kindling-like process (hyperarousal and excessive emotional stimulation induce limbic activation and kindling) in which long-term changes in excitability occur, rendering the victim increasingly likely to develop certain symptoms; thereby, lowering the excitability threshold. The analogy has been drawn from the observations of the effects of anticonvulsant medications on PTSD.
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Kindling is the debut solo album by Country Rock musician Gene Parsons recorded in 1973. Guest musicians on this album include former Byrds bandmate Clarence White, plus Vassar Clements, Ralph Stanely, Bill Payne, Sam Bush, and Gib Guilbeau.
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giving birth to young.
The process of giving birth to kits.
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Light weight pins. See also "logs".