Definitions for "Killer app"
An application that is an exciting technological breakthrough, or has important and useful features that make many people want to buy it.
industry jargon for a useful application that becomes so wildly popular it changes the marketplace. One example is the Web browser, which seemingly overnight changed the face of computing.
an application that drives migration from one platform to another
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A term that migrated from software development to online. It is nothing more than tech-talk for the eternal search for next big idea.
This just means "the next big idea." But if you say it to your client, he'll be impressed that you can Think Out of the Box. (See Think Out of the Box)
a good or service that "establishes an entirely new category and, by being first, dominates it, returning several hundred percent on the initial investment
A new good or service that establishes an entirely new category and by being first dominates it creating an enormous return on the initial investment.
a computer program that changes, in a very fundamental way, how we use computers
an extremely good program
a program that distinguishes a piece of hardware and makes it invaluable to the consumer
a ubiquitous tool that faculty, students, and support staff use in instruction, research, and learning within the university setting
an "application that actually makes a sustaining market for a promising but under-utilized technology
a program with such outstanding benefits that its underlying technology--say, Linux--is worth adopting
A piece of software that creates the market for a promising technology.