Definitions for "kill"
Keywords:  smash, rob, hit, shot, opponent
A shot on which the ball is hit as hard as possible, often with topspin. See also loop kill.
A low, hard shot that bounces twice before the opponent can return it.
To hit the ball hard into an area where the opponent can't reach it. See smash.
Keywords:  lowball, oversize, blind, wins, pot
(slang) make (a hand, such as dummy) unusable through lack of an entry.(slang) overtake (a card), so as to prevent from winning the trick).(slang) defeat (a contract)
A kill game is when a player may place extra bets causing The betting limits to go up for that particular hand. The player Posting the bet is known as the killer and the hand is known As a kill pot.
a blind wager that is placed prior to receiving any cards
To cancel an order that has been placed but not yet filled.
To cause to cease; to quell; to calm; to still; as, in seamen's language, a shower of rain kills the wind; new sound insultation killed the loud noises from outside.
To cancel or forbid publication of (a report, article, etc.), after it has been written; as, they killed the article after getting threats of a lawsuit.
Keywords:  abort, erase, hope, kip, gimmick
To stop, frequently to abort. In multiprocessing, a command that suspends a process and returns control to its parent is said to kill the child process. In file management, kill means to erase a copy of a file, often without hope of reversing the action.
mark for deletion, rub off, or erase; "kill these lines in the President's speech"
To stop the recoil of the bed throwing the performer up. Done by the performer, or a coach (opposite of kip).
Keywords:  creek, dutch, riverbed, modern, middle
(Dutch) Creek.
As a body of water, a kill is a creek. The word comes from the Middle Dutch kille, meaning "riverbed" or "water channel." The modern Dutch term is kil.
Keywords:  fighter, pilot, zum, victory, missile
the destruction of an enemy plane or ship or tank or missile; "the pilot reported two kills during the mission"
Directive to commit on target with clearance to fire; in training, a fighter call to indicate kill criteria have been fulfilled. zum Men
Old fighter pilot term dating back to World War I. Indicates a victory over an opponent.
Final order that prevents publication or airing of a story or continued publication or airing of a PSA.
To delete copy; to remove an item from the publication schedule ("In light of the airplane tragedy, the editor decided terror humor story.")
To eliminate from copy; to discard as useless.
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Keywords:  terminate, hup, fromthe, cont, blowout
sends a signal to a process; often used to terminate a process or to reinitialize a daemon background process.
the act of terminating a life
Send signals to processes, or list signals. [fromthe man page] Keyword(s): process management
A channel or arm of the sea; a river; a stream; as, the channel between Staten Island and Bergen Neck is the Kill van Kull, or the Kills; -- used also in composition; as, Schuylkill, Catskill, etc.
To turn a channel, lighting unit, or another electric device off. Synonymous with "save", and "at zero", or "out". See Also: Save
overwhelm with hilarity, pleasure, or admiration; "The comedian was so funny, he was killing me!"
To destroy; to ruin; as, to kill one's chances; to kill the sale of a book.
To destroy the effect of; to counteract; to neutralize; as, alkali kills acid.
destroy a vitally essential quality of or in; "Eating artichokes kills the taste of all other foods"
Keywords:  kiln, stove, malt, oven, drying
A kiln.
kiln, stove or oven for drying malt, etc.
To deprive of life, animal or vegetable, in any manner or by any means; to render inanimate; to put to death; to slay.
deprive of life; "AIDS has killed thousands in Africa"
Keywords:  martinis, dinner, brandy, beer, bottle
drink down entirely; "He downed three martinis before dinner"; "She killed a bottle of brandy that night"; "They popped a few beer after work"
be fatal; "cigarettes kill"; "drunken driving kills"
Keywords:  beast, prey, hunt, cat, animal
An animal killed in the hunt, as by a beast of prey.
the remains of an animal killed by a big cat
Keywords:  delight, fracture, top
top fracture, to delight.
Keywords:  dialect, waterway, local
a waterway in the local dialect
Keywords:  fox, pack
When the fox is killed by the pack.
To waste or spend unprofitably; -- usually used of time; as, he killed an hour waiting for the doctor to see him.
Keywords:  strike, prop, remove, light, copy
To switch off (a light/sound effect); to strike/remove (a prop).
Removing a light or strike it.
To strike out copy or take out type not to be printed.
To create a vacancy without nominating a successor.
Keywords:  marijuana, excellent, quality
Excellent quality Marijuana
end or extinguish by forceful means; "Stamp out poverty!"
To overpower your competition by a large margin.
An action that can be taken in Usenet to exclude certain words, phrases, subjects, or even specific individual posters, from the list of messages displayed on your screen.
Keywords:  spike, successful, ends, point
A successful spike that ends the point.
cause the death of, without intention; "She was killed in the collision of three cars"
Keywords:  tire, stress, daily, completely, work
tire out completely; "The daily stress of her work is killing her"
Keywords:  shoes, great, pain, source, new
be the source of great pain for; "These new shoes are killing me!"
Keywords:  pretty, worth, entry, checking, good
a pretty good entry, worth checking out
Keywords:  attack, immediate, side, point
An attack that results in an immediate point or side out.
Keywords:  act
The act of killing.
Keywords:  ball, end, point
to "put the ball away" and end the point.