Definitions for "Kids"
a Food and Drug Administration offering that presents quizzes, games and health information that encourage children to live smart and healthy
a ministry to all children helping them to explore the Bible and their faith through art, drama, story, recreation, music and mission activities
School Underwater archaeology can indeed be presented for children and at school. A beautiful book for the youngest (up to 12 or so) is Au fond des mers by Daniel Reyss / Jean-Yves Blot (Gallimard Jeunesse / Octavius aventure 1999, ISBN 2-07-052448-5). Hopefully it will be translated to English and other languages. For the slightly older there seems to be mostly standard literature. Among magazines, good examples are Dig and Arkéo. Some of the educational sources on the web are: Schoolnet, PBS Teachersource and Bigchalk. Any other suggestions? Which books would be good introductions at primary or secondary school level? Can TV productions or interactive web sites be "better" than books
"Kids" was the second single on Sing When You're Winning, British pop singer Robbie Williams' third album. It was released in 2000. Williams and then songwriting partner Guy Chambers co-wrote the duet for Kylie Minogue.
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a Marshall Space Flight Center Web site, aimed at a slightly younger age group
Suffix found in titles of revamped versions of classic cartoons, but with younger imitations in place of the original characters.  The purpose is clear (appeal to younger generation) but all too often fails; some personality traits just don't copy very well.  (Cf. The Flintstones Kids, Tom and Jerry Kids show, etc.)
a South African company which was borne out of the need to obtain good quality, innovative teaching aids for swimming instructors and home use
The kids in our classroom are infinitely more significant than the subject matter we teach. Meladee McCarty
Kids is episode 6 of the Serial Experiments Lain TV series originally aired 10 August 1998.
Kids is the nineteenth episode of the first season of House and the nineteenth episode overall.
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Kids is a 1995 American film written by Harmony Korine and directed by Larry Clark.
Child's size bracelet
Smaller brushhead for kids limits toothpaste application to the optimal pea-sized amount
an on-line or printable resource for students from kindergarten to eighth grade
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The real reason we coach prep football.
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a joy to work with
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a site where you can go to find out everything you ever wanted to know about NASA
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all reports made to DoCS are entered upon the Key Information Directory Service with codes that represent the reported issues.
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a good site for teachers to use
an investment in their future employees, customers, and future leaders of our community
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Kids Information Data System