Definitions for "kicker"
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The card sometimes used to determine the better of two near-equivalent hands.
The side-card, or the less significant card of the hole cards in Texas Holdem or Omaha poker. For example, in a Texas Holdem poker game, Player X has A-Q whilst Player Y has A-9. If the board comes as A-7-6-4-2, both poker players have a pair of Aces but Player X has a Queen kicker, beating Player Y with only a Nine kicker. In such a situation it is said "Player Y has been out-kicked."
The highest side card that is not part of the basic final hand.
in print advertising, very brief copy in small type placed above the headline to introduce the advertisement.
Again, from journalism, a line of copy just above the headline that’s used to create context or “kick” interest for the story. Example: Kicker: Experts predict 10.5% income tax increases next year Headline: Gonyph Associates will save millions of dollars for thousands of taxpayers. Will you be one of them
A phrase preceding a headline that provides information about the story.
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The take-off ramp for aerials.
the launching jump from which aerialists catch air
A small lip in the snow, used for jumps and tricks.
A simple kicker is a right, warrant or other incentive added to debt instruments...
A payment required by a mortgage in addition to normal principal and interest. Sometimes known as a participation loan.
A right, warrant, or other feature added to a debt obligation to make it more desirable to potential investors.
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an ending that finishes a story with a climax, surprise, or punch line
The first sentence or first few words of a story's lead, set in a font size larger than the body text of the story.
A sudden, surprising turn of events or ending; a twist
The part which draws back a rod which forces home a cartridge on some recoil operated firearms. Also refers to some break-open shotgun ejectors.
See ejector.
A mechanism for removing a part from a die. Also called an ejector or knockout.
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Protective equipment that covers the front and sides of the goalkeeper's shoes, allowing him or her to kick the ball.
A protective device worn by a goalkeeper and fastened over the front and sides of the shoe to allow him or her to kick the ball.
A fact, condition, or circumstance, sometimes concealed or not obvious, which reduces or eliminates the benefit of an apparently advantageous situation; a joker{5}; as, under the Soviet system, bread was good and cheap, but the kicker was that you waited in line for hours to get any, if it was available.
An unforeseen added expense or additional cost; as, the printer was cheap, but the special paper it needed was an expensive kicker.
Kicker Sportmagazin (generally referred to only asThe Kicker) is the leading German sports magazine. In the main it focuses on football. The magazine, founded in 1920 by Walther Bensemann is published twice weekly in Nuremberg.
Kicker is a fictional character, a human teenager who works with the Autobots in the (called Transformers: Superlink in Japan) cartoon and comic book series. There was a Kicker action figure produced in the Transformers: Energon toy line, which came with a larger version of the Mini-Con High Wire who turned into a motorcycle Kicker could ride.
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Kicker is the main panel used in KDE. It can be customized by the user. By default, it has the K-Menu, a Desktop Access button, a Home button, a Konqueror button, a Kontact button, a KWord button, and a Help button.
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Sheep that struggles and kicks while being shorn
Loan arrangement in which borrowers are required to pay a specified amount or percentage of income or cash flow in addition to normal debt service. Borrowers pay a specified amount or percent of gross income in addition to rent.
(1) A side or back light often near lens height used to rim faces and model profile shots. (2) A light used to provide an additional highlight or accent on a subject.
A bonus or additional payment made to a lender over and above fixed or periodic payments. A kicker increases the yield to the lender and becomes an inducement for the lender to make the loan. An additional payment or amount paid to a lender, typically in the form of a percentage of gross receipts or cash flow.
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A kind of subhead, a superhead really, because it is placed above the main heading rather than below (see Eyebrow).
a possibility to compete with Lawrence Tynes, but with other need areas on the team, there is little chance of Kansas addressing this position in the draft
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A line led from the middle of the spinnaker pole to a cleat in the cockpit to prevent the pole from flying upward under wind pressure
The device that pushes or kicks a log from the trough at the top of a jackladder onto the logdeck.
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see vang.
A deal sweetner, cand amount added to a deal to motivate potential buyers to finalise the deal.
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kappa Knock out option
Alternate expression for a Truss web member cantilever strut.
Refers to vertical panel under kitchen cupboards, vanities etc at floor level.
Fixed on the carcase either side and just above a (usually top) drawer this strip or block of wood prevents it from tipping downwards when open.
An upgrade, modification, or enhancement to a moribund product to keep it going.
Reflector used flash or other lighting for filling shadows or dark areas. Can be white paper or cardboard attached to a flash, or a separate flash unit.
It is essential that you understand the meaning of the term Kicker in Texas Holdem. To assist with your understanding we have dedicated a separate section called Kickers.
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A coil arrangement on pinball, to “kick” the ball out of holes or other designated areas.
Specialist who comes onto the field just to handle kickoffs, field goal and extra point attempts.
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Nickname for someone on an assault team who is responsible for kicking open a closed door. up
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An air bump.
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A device used to keep the boom from rising.
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a lot like an appendix
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Linear amplifier.
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See tire kicker
a pot or pan that a manufacturer sells at a discounted price to get you hooked on their product line
a complex neighborhoods composed by chains of moves belonging to base neighborhoods
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also known as a TAG.
An added feature of a debt obligation designed to enhance marketability.
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One who, or that which, kicks.