Definitions for "Kick"
Keywords:  thrust, tang, rhythmic, strike, knife
To strike, thrust, or hit violently with the foot; as, a horse kicks a groom; a man kicks a dog.
To thrust out the foot or feet with violence; to strike out with the foot or feet, as in defense or in bad temper; esp., to strike backward, as a horse does, or to have a habit of doing so.
A blow with the foot or feet; a striking or thrust with the foot.
Keywords:  wellbore, influx, overcome, surge, mud
A surge of pleasure; a thrill; -- usually used in the phrase get a kick out of; as, I always get a kick out of watching an ice skater do a quadruple jump.
Pressure surge in the well.
A condition in a well where gas or oil from the rock formations overcomes pressure control and enters the well bore.
Keywords:  recoil, musket, gun, cannon, firearm
To recoil; -- said of a musket, cannon, etc.; also called kick back.
The recoil of a musket or other firearm, when discharged.
the backward jerk of a gun when it is fired
A burst of speed near the finish line in an attempt to beat another rider or riders.
A final burst of speed that provides acceleration for the sprint.
The final burst of speed in a sprint.
An unnatural contact between the cue-ball and object-ball. Commonly believed to be caused by a speck of dust or chalk on either ball at the point of contact. Usefulness: N/A(0 ratings) by wickedwillie () Rate It! this definition is ... useful somewhat useful incorrect spam / offensive
A bounce.
1. bounce (implies direction) of the ball upon landing 2. the springing back of a flexed shaft Example: I got a good kick and my ball ended up right next to the pin. 2. If one's swing timing is good one gets the benefit of the shaft's kick.
a punishment and is not supposed to be circumvented by auto-rejoin
Channel operators can kick somebody off a channel if they think that person is being a pain in the rear. mIRC can be set up to automatically rejoin a channel if you are kicked. If you are kicked from a channel two or three times expect a ban to be coming along real soon......
To complain strenuously; to object vigorously.
complaint the lay - the setup, arrangement
express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness; "My mother complains all day"; "She has a lot to kick about"
Keywords:  album, inxs, immeasurably, mtv, tonight
a well contrived blending of several musical styles including (pop, blues, and latin) but is primarily straight ahead jazz featuring fresh and unique arrangements and sensational musical performances
Kick is an album by the Australian rock and roll group INXS, released in 1987. It is their best-selling album to date, selling more than 10 million copies in the US alone as of 2005. Aided immeasurably by MTV, Kick spawned four Top 10 singles, including "Need You Tonight/Mediate," "Devil Inside," "New Sensation," and "Never Tear Us Apart."
Kick is the debut album of White Rose Movement, released in 2006 (see 2006 in music).
Keywords:  rocker, tail, amount, referring, term
A term referring to amount of rocker (see rocker); ie., tail "kick".
A term referring to the amount of rocker. i.e., "tail kick"
Keywords:  touchdown, goal, score, field, point
To score (goals or points) by kicking; as, they kicked three field goals in the game.
make a goal; "He kicked the extra point after touchdown"
Attempting to score a point or field goal after touchdown by kicking the ball.
(slang) double;(slang) ruff;(slang) blunder away.
(Colloq.). The event or observation of the onset and hardening process associated with the curing of a catalized liquid resin.
A term for beginning to harden, the initial phase of the hardening process of plastic body fillers. The British term is "go off"
Keywords:  concavity, pontil, pushed, apex, bombs
A concavity formed by the pontil in an object's base. It can add strength and surrounds the pontil mark so as it will not damage surfaces that it rest on. At the apex of a kick can often be found the mark of the pontil.
The prize that allows you to kick bombs by pushing into them. Pushing X stops your moving bombs, and you can never kick two next to each other.
A concavity in the base of a vessel, where it has been pushed in by a tool. The provision of a kick strengthens the bottom of the vessel and reduces its capacity.
Keywords:  assassinate
To assassinate.
Keywords:  unicycle, clown, pac, renamed, arcade
Kick is an arcade game where the player controls a clown on a unicycle, catching falling balloons and Pac-Man characters on the clown's hat. The game was later renamed to Kick Man.
An indentation at the bottom of a glass or bottle which strengthens the object
Kick is a high energy drink produced for the supermarket chain Tesco in the UK. It is similar in taste and composition to Red Bull. A standard bottle of Kick Stimulation Drink contains 5 servings (of which a serving is a standard 200ml portion of the bottle).
the sudden stimulation provided by strong drink (or certain drugs); "a sidecar is a smooth drink but it has a powerful kick"
sharp, sudden and strong feeling of euphoria; all of the substances and methods of absorption, which cause “kick
Keywords:  swift, heroin, bang, rush, boot
the swift release of a store of affective force; "they got a great bang out of it"; "what a boot!"; "he got a quick rush from injecting heroin"; "he does it for kicks"
To discontinue; -- usually used of habitual activities; as, to kick a habit; he kicked his drug habit.
stop consuming; "kick a habit"
To show ugly resistance, opposition, or hostility; to spurn.
To resist.
Keywords:  nuisance, rid, teammate, vote, get
Kicking is when you vote to get rid of a teammate because they are causing a nuisance.
To evict or remove from a place or position, usually with out or off; as, they kicked him off the staff; he was kicked out of the restaurant; the landlord kicked them out of the apartment for making too much noise.
The forceful impact of footwear to the ground usually causing significant disturbance including the scattering of debris forward of and around the impact area.
Keywords:  drew, raise, say, hit, draw
Can be used in reference to raising. To hit a kicker on the draw. To say "My kicker kicked" would mean that you drew two to a pair with a kicker and hit that kicker.
Keywords:  bankroll, pocket, his, ones
Ones pocket. "He put the bankroll in his kick".
informal terms for objecting; "I have a gripe about the service here"
Keywords:  conduit, bend, minor, run, single
A small, single bend that makes a minor change in direction of a conduit run.
Keywords:  pawn, attacking, move, piece, typically
Attacking a piece, typically by a pawn, so that it will move.
Keywords:  bass, drum, another, term
Another term for Bass Drum.
A projection in a mold, to form a depression in the surface of the brick.
Keywords:  chat, temporarily, room, host, removed
when a person is only temporarily removed from a chat room by the host.
Keywords:  offensive, play
To make a kick as an offensive play.