Definitions for "Keyline"
An outline drawn or set on artwork showing the size and position of an illustration or halftone.
An outline drawing to show the placement, content and estimate size of an artwork
The outline on artwork that when printed will give the register with the other colours.
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Builders Merchant. Affiliated to Travis Perkins; they just took over the keyline site at Palmers Green.I get alot of 'Sorry there are no items to display.'
A thin border around a picture or a box indicating where to place pictures.
A black border or frame surrounding a color area.
A border, rectangular or oval, that surrounds an object.
A combination of numbers and letters, usually beginning with a zip code, used to De-Dupe households from a file.
This is the guide used in making plates and printing a piece--a diagram of copy and art for reproduction. (See mechanical)
Camera-ready paste-up of art work. Also referred to as a mechanical.
Alternate term for mechanical.
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A line, often a box around a graphic image.
A straight, linear element of variable length, having a uniform thickness.
Thin line around a box containing a graphic or image.
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a tiny black or grey rule trimming a photo
A translucent or transparent instructional sheet that is used to show where various effects, colors, etc. are to appear. See also: key.