Definitions for "Key phrases"
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A list of keywords which link together to make a phrase. As an example, keywords associated with the Adido Solutions website are; web design dorset, content management systems, website accessibility, website accessibility etc.
Key phrases are sets of words, inserted into Web page text and META tags, used to improve ranking in search engines for those particular key phrases. You should put careful thought into selected key phrases. For example, if a person does a search for "pet supplies," a page with the key phrase "pet supplies" will be ranked higher in the search results than a page with just the key word "pet."
When someone types a search term into a search engine, we refer to this term as a key phrase. For example, someone trying to find a real estate company may type "real estate Marbella" in the Google search box – "real estate Marbella" would be the key phrase here. More information on search engines.