Definitions for "Kettle "
A depression formed in drift or till (commonly found in moraines) as a result of large blocks of ice trapped in the drift melting after the glacier has retreated, allowing the overlying drift to settle and form a depression.
(1) (Geology) A depression left in a mass of Glacial Drift, formed by the melting of an isolated block of glacial ice. (2) A pothole.
A steep-sided, bowl-shaped depression commonly without surface drainage; usually formed by a large detached block of stagnant ice that had been partially or wholly buried in the drift.
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A metallic vessel, with a wide mouth, often without a cover, used for heating and boiling water or other liguids.
A vessel in which wort from the mash is boiled with hops. Also called a copper, from the traditional material used in a Kettle's construction.
A vessel of iron, copper, or other metal, of convenient shape and size, used for heating tar, asphalt, etc.
a device for containing liquid within a confined space so that the liquid can be heated by an internal or external source of heat
A portable device for heating asphalt.
Invaluable piece of equipment when its all going wrong. Use to make tea or coffee to accompany quantities of chocolate.
A colloquial term for the Christmas kettle used by the Army to collect money for its Christmas Cheer programme.
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K.E.T.T.L.E is a meta- data driven ETL tool. This means that no code has to be written to perform complex data transformations. It is possible to create plugins to do custom transformations or access proprietary data sources.
Coatings industry dialect for a reactor, particularly of the type used to make alkyd resins.
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A kettle appearing in your cup means that you can expect a minor hindrance or delay.
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a large, open, steel tank
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the quantity a kettle will hold