Definitions for "Ketchup "
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A pureed table sauce made predominantly from tomatoes, flavored with onions, sugar, salt and spices; called also tomato ketchup. The term is also applied to pureed sauces containing mushrooms, walnuts, etc., being called in such cases mushroom ketchup, walnut ketchup, etc.
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A thick, slightly sweet sauce, with one flavour predominating, often used as a cold accompaniment to meals. The best known type is tomato.
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Ketchup is a Hong Kong based independent band formed by Ken Tsoi, Rock and Sing in 1998. Although Rock and Sing has been inactive for years, Ken Tsoi has decided to continue releasing albums with the band name Ketchup. Easy-listening and subtle, the music of Ketchup would be best described as cityfolk.
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Ketchup is a tool for updating or switching between versions of the Linux kernel source. It can find the latest versions of numerous kernel trees, calculate which patches are needed to move to that version, download any patches or tarballs that aren't cached, check GPG signatures where available, and apply and unapply patches to get the desired result.
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Rub area with waterless hand cleaner, rinse in cold water. Launder as usual.