Definitions for "Kenny"
Kenny is a fictional character from the , portrayed by actor Myles Ferguson. He is an Immortal.
Kenny is a fictional character in the anime series Beyblade. He is the brains of the Bladebreakers team, the heroes of the series. He is a "self-described nerd".
Kenny is a fictional character from the British television series The Tomorrow People. His first appearance is in "The Slaves of Jedikiah", and last appears in The Vanishing Earth: Part 4. Kenny is portrayed by Stephen Salmon.
Kenny is a 2006 Australian mockumentary film starring Shane Jacobson as Kenny, a Melbourne plumber who works for plumbing company Splashdown.
Kenny is a 1979 music album by country music superstar Kenny Rogers. The album is noted to mix music genres and is heavily influenced by the Disco sound that was popular at this time. However none of the albums two singles "Coward Of The County" (a strong country story song) and "You Decorated My Life" (a love ballad) show any great disco influence, if any.