Definitions for "Kayak"
Keywords:  paddle, canoe, paddler, eskimo, propel
A light canoe, made of skins stretched over a frame, and usually capable of carrying but one person, who sits amidships and uses a double-bladed paddle. It is peculiar to the Eskimos and other Arctic tribes.
A slender decked boat which is propelled by seated paddlers using double bladed paddles. Derived from the Eskimos.
A traditional kayak is a slender, watertight Eskimo boat propelled by paddles. It is made of a light wooden frame completely covered with skins except for opening(s) for the paddler(s).
a good choice for exploring the lakes and rivers of Waterton
a quiet way to explore the coves and to approach wildlife without disturbance, often giving you a closer vantage point
a wonderfully unique vantage point for taking in the city's skyline and viewing the Harbour Seals that frequent the area
Kayak is a Dutch progressive rock band founded in 1972 by Ton Scherpenzeel and Pim Koopman. Their main popularity was in the Netherlands, with their top hit (Ruthless Queen) reaching #4 on the Dutch charts. They disbanded in 1982 after releasing eight albums.
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a stealth vehicle
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an extension of your body much like hiking boots or skis and ski poles
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an adventure machine
a one-person watercraft covered in skins with a small central opening for the user.