Definitions for "Karma"
The doctrine of fate as the inflexible result of cause and effect, especially the principle by which a person is rewarded or punished in a subsequent incarnation for deeds in the previous incarnation; the theory of inevitable consequence.
One's destiny; fate.
Intentional act — in thought, word or deed — holding consequences for the doer of the act based on the quality of the intention.
Karma is a full-length album released in 2001 by the Metal band Kamelot.
Karma is Tarkan's 2001 studio album. His fifth music project and his fourth original release, this album moved away from pop to worldbeat melodies fused with electronica sounds and became the all time sixth best selling album in Turkey.
Karma is an album made by Canadian industrial/electronic music group Delerium in 1997 (see 1997 in music).
volition, volitional or intentional activity. Karma is always followed by its fruit, Vipaka. Karma and Vipaka are oftentimes referred to as the law of causality, a cardinal concern in the Teaching of the Buddha.
Volition, volitional or intentional activity. Always followed by its result or fruit.
A black substance resulted from previous wrongdoing.
a black substance that results from wrongdoing.
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Karma (Xi'an "Shan" Coy Manh),.is a fictional superhero from Marvel Comics created by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. She was the first of the New Mutants to see print, first appearing in Marvel Team-Up #100 (1980). Karma is a mutant endowed with the ability to seize control of another’s mind, though she has sometimes been depicted with other more extensive psionic abilities.
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Karma is a popular Pakistani fashion label started by designers Kamiar Rokni and Maheen Ali in 2001. Karma is recognized as one of the rare South Asian labels that has introduced Western-style garments, such as cocktail dresses and evening gowns, to the sub-continent.
the idea that the way you live in this life will affect your next life
The idea that your point of departure in life is determined by your decisions and deeds in earlier lives.
the energy of our lives.
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an indie pop rock outift hailing from South Africa and Miami
a rich blend of world sound fusion traveling from India to China, Africa to the Middle East
The spiritual bank account of the soul. Baggage it carries with it from body to body. Click here for more details. Back to Top of Glossary
Incomplete lessons from schoolroom Earth that must be balanced for the soul to continue evolving into a state of Oneness with all Creation.
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Sufficient access to perform an operation, such as committing changes to a version control. ("Please grant Yo Mega karma to the foo-bar.") Respect and merit in the community. ("Al Faa has good karma because of the careful and tactful way he makes his points and the quality of his technical contributions.") Any combination of senses 1 and two; they are indirectly related.
An old Star Trek term from the original series which stands for Klingon and Romulan Military Alliance.
Karma is a 1986 Bollywood movie directed by Subhash Ghai.
The physics engine by Math Engine which is integrated into the Unreal Engine. For more information on Karma, see the IntroToKarma document.
Master Li Hongzhi] Karma is a type of black substance that surrounds the human body. It is a physical existence in another dimension, which can be transformed into illness and misfortune.
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World of Warcraft, Stand Alone add-on for tracking players you play with. How much xp they've given you, what quests they've helped you with, karma rating, and notes about them
One's acts considered as fixing one's lot in the future existence.
The dictionary defines karma as the consequence of one's acts which determines one's circumstance in future lives. Jesus taught us that we can change our consciousness at any time. We can change what we believe and how we think and feel at any time an thus experience Heaven on Earth, hear and now.
a simplistic explanation and understanding for a more complex reality
The supposed non-physical emanations that a person gives off, which may affect other people; vibrations.
A major violation of another person that limits his choices, resulting in a compelling debt.
material activities, for which one incurs subsequent reactions
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(1) Activity. (2) The results of one's activity.