Definitions for "Kai"
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Kai, Last of the Brunnen-G, is an undead assassin on the science fiction television show LEXX. He is played by Michael McManus.
Kai (かい Kai) (full name Kaisuke, last name unknown) is a fictional character from popular anime movie and manga, Akira.
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The Filipino-American group Kai started in 1992. AC Lorenzo invited Andrew Gapuz and Leo Chan to perform at a San Francisco benefit concert. Following, they began working as a trio and in 1995, added Errol Viray and Lorenzo's cousin Andrey Silva.
Suffix formally denoting “descent from/belonging to” – used rarely. (E.g. “Shadarii-kai-Nochorku-Zha”, which is “Shadarii of the house of the revered Nochorku”).
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The kai symbol (Greek: ; Coptic: ), formed from kappa (κ) with an extra lower stroke, is sometimes used in Greek and Coptic as an abbreviation for the word καί, "and". It may occur with the varia above it: .
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Kai is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series.
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Wales. A fire and smithing God.
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a generic term for shellfish.
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(v) to eat.
food, eat; "to account"
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royal title, great king.
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Society, club
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