Definitions for "Kadampa"
a person who sincerely practises Lamrim, and who integrates all the teachings of Buddha that he or she knows into their Lamrim practice.
A Tibetan word in which 'ka' means 'word' and refers to all Buddha's teachings, 'dam' refers to atisha's special Lamrim instructions known as the "stages of the path to enlightenment", and 'pa' refers to a follower of Kadampa Buddhism who integrates all the teachings of Buddha that they know into their Lamrim practice.
Tibetan Buddhist tradition founded by the Indian teacher Atisha, who came to Tibet in 1042, and his disciples. Emphasised monastic discipline and the cultivation of BODHICITTA (q.v.). It has now disappeared, but many of its teachings were taken up by other schools, particularly the GELUKPA, who sometimes referred to themsleves as "New Kadampa". In recent years, the term "New Kadampa" has been adopted by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, director of the Tibetan Buddhist centre at Ulveston (Manjushriu Institute), as a label for his organization.