Definitions for "Justice of the Peace"
A person recognised at law who assists in the legal process by witnessing documents, issuing search warrants and in minor cases sitting with another justice of the peace to form a court• Children & Criminal Law• Extradition• Justices of the Peace• Mental Health• Peace & Good Behaviour Orders• Warrants
an officer appointed to a particular county by the crown to bring cases before the court and hear them. Over the years the legal and civil responsibilities of the justices grew and thus the number of justices needed in each county. Like the jurors, justices had to meet a property qualification. Thus they could only be recruited from among the landed gentry
A magistrate of the lowest level of certain state court systems, having authority to act upon minor offences, commit cases to a higher court for trial, perform marriages, and administer oaths.
an ex officio notary public and has all the acknowledgment powers of a notary public
a notary public ex officio and has all the acknowledgment powers of a notary public
a public servant
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a well-informed citizen, though he is not necessarily versed in the knowledge of the laws
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a named defendant
an individual that is authorised to certify documents