Definitions for "Just-In-Time"
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A method of production and inventory cost control based on delivery of parts and supplies at the precise time they are needed in a production process.
The controlling of inventory so that materials are delivered just in time for assembly or manufacture.
An organizational system of production designed to minimize the time and thereby associated cost between different stages of production as well as between initial expressions of demand and the delivery of goods or services. Just-in-time principles and methods were first applied by Japanese car manufacturers but have found wide application in other activities. [Go to source
A series of measures aimed at streamlining the NIH grant application and review process. In general, certain kinds of information (e.g. Other Support) are required at time of a grant award rather than at the time of application submission.
Producing the product at the correct time in the correct amount, to meet the customer's requirements - No More; No Less. The opposite of Just-In-Time is "Just-In-Case"; avoid this temptation.
A replenishment system that reduces the amount of space a retailer needs for back stock. The product is reordered every time the cashier rings up a sale