Definitions for "Just In Time"
A strategy that concentrates on making quality products, in the quantity needed, when it is needed. This strategy exposes waste and makes continuous improvement possible.
A production approach widely followed in the automotive industry which views production as a system in which all operations, including the delivery of materials needed for production, occur just at the time needed. This effectively eliminates the need for material stock.
Method which makes it possible to optimize material flows starting from an order to the supplier until the delivery of the product at the customer's in order to minimize stocks and to decrease the wasting. A planning system for manufacturing processes that optimizes availability of material inventories at the manufacturing site to only what, when and how much is necessary.
at the last possible moment; "she was saved in the nick of time"
"Just in Time" is the thirteenth episode of the French animated television series Code Lyoko. It premiered in France on November 26, 2003 and in the United States on May 5, 2004.
A term used to describe a system or information that is available for the user at the exact time the user needs it. Learning Object (a.k.a. reusable learning object). a discrete, reusable collection of content and assessment used to present and support a single learning objective. Akin to programming subroutines, the learning object is the controversial core of industry standards for interoperability.
Popular term to described the benefit of e-learning's accessibility. As in, "Our sales force can access our online, just-in-time training whenever they have a question about a product; no longer do they have to enroll in, and wait for, a classroom training program."
In education, just-in-time instruction is available at the time a learner needs it in order to perform a task, rather than only at the time a provider wants to make it available. earner Any person engaged in a learning activity.
A term familiar from commercial logistics, used to describe the manner in which a CSF presents a solution to a pressing problem.
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