Definitions for "Jury Trial"
A trial where a group of citizens hears the evidence presented and gives its verdict.
a constitutional right and the best way we've come up with to approximate justice in an imperfect world
a Constitutional right that is unique in this world for providing a system of justice
an infinitely complicated beast, demanding mysterious and unquantifiable talents never measured in the many law classes Charley botched or the Bar exam he repeatedly flubbed
an absolute right in a probate contest, and the jury is a cross section of a society in which lawyers are not always trusted and held in the highest esteem
an exercise in which two lawyers present evidence on behalf of their clients and than the jury votes for the lawyer they like
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a major trump card the FSB can flash
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a fight and not an afternoon tea
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an engine for discovery of the truth, and it is the best way to find the truth in this case, and to resolve this matter
The determination of a case by a jury
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a different story, of course
a very intensive proceeding, often requiring months of preparation