Definitions for "Jury"
A body of people, selected according to law, impaneled and sworn to inquire into and try any matter of fact, and to render their true verdict according to the evidence legally adduced. In criminal trials the number of such persons is usually twelve, but in civil cases and in grand juries it may different. See Grand jury under Grand, and Inquest.
the group of individuals who are impaneled to decide on the facts involved in the trial
A certain number of men and women selected according to law and sworn to try a question of fact or indict a person for public offense.
A committee for determining relative merit or awarding prizes at an exhibition or competition; as, the art jury gave him the first prize.
The jury is tasked with the correct running of the competitions. The Jury is responsible for ensuring that competitions are run safely and in accordance with the rules.
The group of officials that oversee a match. The director is the president of the jury.
a performance by the student which is given for the faculty in the major applied area at the end of each semester
a performance in which you demonstrate a prescribed set of competencies before a faculty committee
a ten-minute private performance for selected faculty
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For temporary use; -- applied to a temporary contrivance.
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See Petit Jury and Grand Jury.