Definitions for "Jump ball"
where 2 opposing players jump for a ball the official tosses above and between them. The players then try to tap the ball to their teammates to gain possession
A ball tossed in the air by the referee so two opposing players can jump and try to tip it to a team-mate.
When a referee tosses the ball in the air between two opposing players.
a much more competitive play than what we have now
Used in the context of general equities. (1) Deal in which no trading house has exclusivity (each firm is in direct competition for a piece of business); (2) no preference in picking a particular side (buy/sell) of a stock as profile, indicated during the block call, indicate that the salesforce could have the stock either way.
a good way to get groups of children practising how to start the game and then drop into the LEAD and TRAIL positions already mentioned
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an uncertain situation
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A combination of two stunts: a pop up extension in the back, being centered behind the 4 double shoulder stand bases.