Definitions for "Julian"
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Roman emperor between 361-63 AD.
a historic gold mining town located approximately an hour east of San Diego
Julian by Gore Vidal is a work of historical fiction written in the first person dealing with the life of the Roman emperor Flavius Claudius Julianus, (labelled by Christians and popularly known Julian the| Apostate), who reigned 360-363 CE.
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Relating to, or derived from, Julius C├Žsar.
of or relating to or characteristic of Julius Caesar; "the Julian calendar"
Julian Rios or Julian Ruiz, commonly known by the aliases Julian, Julian Andretti or Jordan Rivers, (born 12 October, 1970--most accounts have his birthplace as Santiago, Chile, but a minority cite Los Angeles, California, instead) is a prominent male pornographic actor.
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A vehicle brand of which the 1925-1948 models with required application are classic cars.