Definitions for "JSP"
Java Server Page. (Application Developer's Guide - XML; search in this book)
JSP is an extension of the Java servlet API. JSP is Sun Microsystems's proprietary technology to compete with Microsoft's ASP.
Java Server Pages are web-pages that include scripts that can modify a page before sending it to the user. Similar to ASP pages, but produced by Sun Microsystems.
Jacketed Soft Point Punta Blanda Encamisada
Stands for Jacketed Soft Point, a type of bullet with a soft lead core enclosed by a hard metal jacket (usually an alloy of copper), but with the nose section exposed to ensure bullet expansion.
Jamboree Shoulder Patch, a council shoulder patch worn at a jamboree with some form of special marking indicating the jamboree.
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Joint Service Publication
Keywords:  joint, publications, service
Joint Service Publications