Definitions for "Journey"
undertake a journey or trip
a long voyage that leads home
a series of small trips
In the context of this site a journey is always a spiritual journey. Can be compared with a walk in the hills, in which one aims at the highest point in view thinking thereby to attain the summit, only to find on reaching it that there are much higher hills still to be conquered. In this sense if you think you are nearing the end of your spiritual journey the chances are you are not far from the beginning, or perhaps have not even started.
The root metaphor of Semitic spirituality of which Judaism, Christianity and Islam are a part is the movement of journey or pilgrimage. Spiritual life is not static, but dynamic. It is "nomadic" in the sense of its movement which may seem or be erratic, but under the guidance of the Spirit becomes a quest and pilgrimage to the Center of Reality.
a balance of Contemporary, Country and Folk music with Christian Lyrics
In Yoga the sushumna (kundalini power) flowing through the spine of the being, purifying as it goes.
a little more smooth jazz-centered in spots, but later goes on a film score-like orchestral tangent
Journey's self-titled debut album, Journey, was released in 1975 on the Columbia Records label. Unlike their later recordings, the debut release is a progressive rock album, in the jazz-fusion vein. It is the only album to include guitarist George Tickner among their personnel.
a series of adventures
Journey, also known as Journey: The Adventures of Wolverine McAlistaire, was an independent comic created by William Messner-Loebs, about Michigan frontier life in the 1800s.
The travel or work of a day.
Travel or passage from one place to another, especially one covering a large distance or taking a long time.
The distance that is traveled in a journey{2}, or the time taken to complete a journey{2}; as, it's a two-day journey from the oasis into Cairo by camel; from Mecca to Samarkand is quite a journey.
a given opportunity, the melody of unexpected wonders
a golden opportunity to see ourselves as God sees us and to make some changes in our lives--if we take advantage of the many moments of grace the Lord provides
an amazing opportunity to learn, change and grow
A passage through life, or a passage through any significant experience, or from one state to another.
a tranquil book of poetry about the personal experience living of accomplished poet Jackie L
a vehicle to enable each of us to enter more fully into our baptismal vows and joyfully experience the fruit of our covenant with Jesus Christ
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a Clairvoyant and Tarot Card reader
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a fragment of Hell
a potent organizing tool, and can activate people and groups previously uninvolved in death penalty work
A Chrysalis weekend for college age people. These were originally called College Flights.
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a monologue where the character is different at the end of the monologue than he or she was at the beginning, for example realizing something about oneself that had never occurred to the character before
a new publication from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U
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a person in itself, no two are alike
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a great book on the game of blackjack, but it's not bad
a constant process of evaluating our direction and making slight corrections so that we stay on course
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a collection of meetings Love is a collection of hearts) La La La La
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a bridge between two points
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a major event