Definitions for "Jordan"
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A landlocked country of the Middle East, surrounded by Israel, Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, and that area on the west bank of the Jordan river which was once claimed by Jordan, and is at present occupied by Israel and in part governed by a Palestinian authority. It has a population of 4,212,152 (1996) in a total area of 89,213 sq km. The population is predominantly Arab and Moslem. Officially known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, it was formerly called Trans-Jordan when occupied by the British. The government is a constitutional monarchy, with King Hussein Bin Talal Al Hashimi as its ruler since 2 May 1953. Jordan is a small developing Arab country, having a Gross Domestic Product of $19.3 billion in 1995.
a river in Palestine that empties into the Dead Sea; John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the Jordan
an Arab kingdom in southwestern Asia on the Red Sea
the pneumatic glamour model (real name Katie Price) has managed to put her desert kingdom namesake in the shade. She stood for Parliament (and lost), loved Manchester United star Dwight Yorke (and lost him, too), but will keep what she says is their unborn child. "It wasn't planned and it's come at the wrong time but what can I do about it?"
a strategic and operational due diligence analyst for a New York based hedge fund
Katie Price (born Katie Infield, May 22, 1978), is a multimillionaire Welsh glamour model and television personality, magazine columnist and businesswoman commonly known as Jordan. She is mainly known for her large surgically enhanced breasts, and her personal life is regularly featured in British tabloids and celebrity-based magazines.
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A stream running under the Slough Road and into the Thames.
Jordan (Chinese: 佐敦, Jyutping: zo2 deon1, Pinyin: Zuǒdūn) is a station on the Hong Kong MTR Tsuen Wan Line. Its station livery is light green. It is named after Jordan Road.
Jordan (born Pamela Rooke on 23 June 1955) in Seaford, East Sussex, is a model and actress noted for her work with Vivienne Westwood and the SEX boutique in the Kings Road area of London in the mid-1970s.
Jordan (? – 982 or 984) became in 968 the first bishop of Poland, with a seat in Poznań. Most evidence shows that he was missionary bishop subordinate directly to the Pope. He arrived in Poland, probably from Italy or the Rhineland, in 966 with Dubrawka to baptise Mieszko I of Poland.
Slim pickin's on Jordanian tax resources. See Business and Investment Opportunities in Jordan for a sketchy (skeletal!) rundown of Jordanian tax law for foreign investors, and you can check Tax Law of Jordan to see Jordan's Tax Statute, an excerpt from its Constitution. Jordan Business Information lives up to its name, but again, nothin in depth on how the tax system works.
machine for reducing or making finer the stock or pulp before it passes to the papermachine. It has a cone set with knives around its circumference which rotates within another also set with knives. Invented by J Jordan, Hartford, Connecticut, USA in 1859.
A refining machine consisting of a conical rotor and housing between which the fiber slurry is passed. Its effect is to shorten the fibers and improve sheet formation.
A name given to a refiner in which the pulp is macerated to improve its performance. (See refiner).
a response of two notrump over a takeout double to show a constructive hand in support of partner's suit; sometimes played with "flip-flop" when opener's suit is a minor, so that two notrump is a preemptive raise and three of opener's suit is constructive.
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1. See Michael Jordan. 2. The young son of Sheryl Swoopes.
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A pot or vessel with a large neck, formerly used by physicians and alchemists.
A chamber pot.
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A vehicle brand of which only the Speedway Series "Z" of 1925-1948 are classic cars.
An unsteady political and economic environment is likely to affect further an already poor payment record.
Ministry of Finance Customs Department Department of Statistics
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