Definitions for "Jones"
a consultant on farm animal protection who has worked with Farm Sanctuary, the Humane Farming Association, and the Animal Protection Institute
Mr. Jones of Manor Farm was a human character in George Orwell's satirical book Animal Farm.
one of the first great English architects and a theater designer (1573-1652)
English phonetician (1881-1967)
a Blues guitarist to be reckoned with
a unit of detectivity, that is, the ability of an electronic device to detect radiant energy such as light waves or infrared radiation. In a 1959 paper, R. Clark Jones defined the "specific detectivity" of a device to be = [square root ( Aw)]/, where is the area of the detector, is the frequency bandwidth, and is the power of the noise generated by the device. The quantity is measured in the complex unit cm·Hz1/2/W, customarily called the "Jones." In modern equipment, detectivities are often quite large, in the range of 109 to 1012 Jones.
United States labor leader (born in Ireland) who helped to found the Industrial Workers of the World (1830-1930)
United States railroad engineer who died trying to stop his train from crashing into another train; a friend wrote a famous ballad describing the incident (1864-1900)
a Lead Expert in the Compensation and Benefits section in the Office of Workforce Effectiveness at the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), Department of the Treasury
an actress, dancer, teacher, singer and writer based in San Francisco
a University Professor in the University of Virginia
American naval commander in the American Revolution (1747-1792)
an experienced hypnotherapist with a high success rate with minimum sessions
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a need to feed an addiction like drugs or even chocolate