Definitions for "JOnAS "
JOnAS is a pure Java implementation of the J2EE specification, available in open source. It is useful to those building applications like e-commerce, eportal, management systems, intranet application, inventory systems, reservation systems, banking applications, etc.
JOnAS is an open-source J2EE application server, developed and hosted by the ObjectWeb consortium (ObjectWeb is a not-for-profit European consortium, founded by INRIA, Groupe Bull, and France Télécom). JOnAS is released under the LGPL open-source license.
JOnAS is an EJB platform that is part of the ObjectWeb Open Source initiative launched in collaboration with several partners including France Telecom's R&D division. It is also integrated within the Enhydra Enterprise java application. JOnAS is a pure Java implementation of the EJB specification that relies on JDK and JNDI. (see Enhydra).
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