Definitions for "JOINT RESOLUTION"
A resolution, designated House Joint Resolution (H.J.Res.) or Senate Joint Resolution (S.J.Res.), followed by a number assigned in the order in which it is introduced during the two-year period in which a Congress is convened. If approved by both houses in the same form and signed by the President, it becomes a law just as a bill does. A joint resolution is generally limited to special circumstances and is also used to propose amendments to the Constitution. Under that purpose, it does not require a presidential signature and becomes part of the Constitution when three-fourths of the states ratify or approve it.
A proposal that makes a request, affects operations of both houses, pays tribute to public figures, or proposes a constitutional amendment that is acted on by both houses but does not require approval by the governor.
Proposes an amendment to the Constitution and requires action by both Houses and is not sent to Governor for approval.
a domestic law of the United States and it has no extraterritorial force
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(See forms of Congressional Action)
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