Definitions for "John Moore"
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John Moore (1957 - October 27, 2002) was a British anarchist author, teacher and organiser. He died after collapsing on his way to work as a creative writing lecturer at the University of Luton (now the University of Bedfordshire). A member of the Anarchist Research Group in London in the 1980s, he was one of the main theorists of the pro-Situ anarchism of the 1990s (most commonly associated with Hakim Bey), and was attracted to Anarcho-primitivism in particular; his best known work is the essay "A Primitivist Primer."
Sir John Moore, KB (November 13, 1761 – January 16, 1809) was a British soldier and General.
John Moore (1729 - 21 January 1802) was a Scottish physician and writer.