Definitions for "John Martin"
John Martin (July 19, 1789–February 17, 1854), English painter, was born at Haydon Bridge, near Hexham. He was apprenticed by his father to a coachbuilder in Newcastle upon Tyne to learn heraldic painting, but owing to a quarrel the indentures were cancelled, and he was placed under Bonifacio Musso, an Italian artist, father of the enamel painter Charles Musso. With his master, Martin removed from Newcastle to London in 1806, where he married at the age of nineteen, and supported himself by giving drawing lessons, and by painting in water colors, and on china and glass.
John Alexander Martin (March 10, 1839 – October 2, 1889) was the governor of the State of Kansas from 1885 to 1889, the tenth man to hold that office.
John Martin (c.1730–January, 1786) was an American planter, soldier, and politician. He served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Continental Army. His political service includes mayor of Savannah, Georgia (1778), sheriff of Chatham County, Georgia, member of the Georgia House of Representatives, state Treasurer, and revolutionary governor of Georgia from 1782 to 1783.