Definitions for "John Jackson"
Gentleman John Jackson (1769-1845) was a celebrated pugilist of the late 1700s. Jackson's 1795 championship claim was the only such title in his career. He made a fortune from boxing lessons given to nobles, politicians and other distinguished men.
John "Foghorn" Jackson (born 21 May 1833 at Bungay in Suffolk; died 4 November 1901 at Brownlow Hill in Liverpool) was a Nottinghamshire and All-England Eleven cricketer who was generally reckoned to be the outstanding fast bowler of the 1850s.
John Jackson is currently a professor at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, USA, and teaches International Trade Law at the Georgetown University Law Center. He organized the International Economic Law Group of the American Society of International Law, and was one of the chief architects of the World Trade Organization.