Definitions for "John Harris"
John Harris (c. 1666 - September 7, 1719), was an English writer. He is best known as the editor of the Lexicon technicum, or Dictionary of the Arts and Sciences (1704), which ranks as the earliest of the long line of English encyclopaedias, and as the compiler of the Collection of Voyages and Travels which passes under his name.
John Harris (1820 - 1884) was a Cornish poet.
John Harris (born 1969) is a British journalist, writer, critic and champion of pop music and popular culture. Harris was raised in Cheshire by two university lecturers and became fixated by pop music at an early age. After three years at Queen's College, Oxford, he began his professional writing career with Melody Maker in 1991, but he didn't stay long and has since expressed his distaste for its more intellectual style.