Definitions for "John Hamilton"
John Hamilton (c. 1511 – April 6, 1571), Scottish prelate and politician, was a natural son of James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Arran.
John Hamilton (born January 16, 1886 in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania; died October 15, 1958 in Glendale, California) (heart attack), was an American actor who appeared in many movies and television programs. He is probably best remembered for his role as newspaper editor Perry White on the 1950s television program, Adventures of Superman. He usually played policemen or judges in the movies.
John Hamilton (4 February, 1715-12 February, 1796) was a Scottish MP in the British Parliament. He was the younger son of John Dalrymple, 2nd Earl of Stair and changed his name to Hamilton in 1736 when he inherited the estate of Bargeny on the death of the 4th Lord Bargeny.