Definitions for "John Doe "
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John Doe was an American television series that aired on The Fox Network during the 2002–2003 TV season. It currently airs sporadically in the U.S. on SCI FI.
John Doe (born John Nommensen Duchac on February 25, 1954 in Decatur, Illinois) is the founder of the seminal L.A. punk band X/, and trying to sing like Jim Morisson. His musical compositions and performances are varied, including country and folk music. Doe also performs with the country-folk-punk band The Knitters.
John Doe (2002-2003) is a television program formerly aired by Fox. It featured the exploits of John Doe, played by Dominic Purcell, an amnesiac with beyond encyclopedic knowledge of anything factual in the universe.
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Joe Bloggs [colloq.
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This is basically a layer for the Object Bridge project that will allow you to use the JDO specs. This project may disappear if it's decided to join it with the OJB project, but for now, it will allow me and whoever else wants to help to get moving.
an unknown or fictitious man who is a party to legal proceedings
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a hypothetical average man