Definitions for "Jobber"
One who buys goods from importers, wholesalers, or manufacturers, and sells to retailers.
A term for a market maker used on the London Stock Exchange.
An organization that buys books in large quantities for resale to retailers and libraries.
a wrestler, usually with an underdeveloped gimmick or none at all, who always loses, or "jobs," his matches.
A guy who always loses. Example: "Duane Gill is a jobber no matter what they call him."
An un-pushed wrestler who does jobs for pushed wrestlers. Barry Horowitz is probably the best known of these. Sometimes known as fish, red shirts PLs (professional losers,) or' ham-and-eggers.' Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) is also a well known jobber.
Any person who acts as a middle man between the manufacturer and purchaser of a product. In the matchcover industry, jobbers often handle overruns, mis-cuts, mis-prints or other merchandise, not able to be sold on the open market or to their originally intended customer. (See Overrun).
A purveyor of goods manufactured by others; Ives, for example, manufactured toys as well as marketing those of other firms. George Borgfeldt of New York City, obtained manufacturer's rights for certain toys and then sub-contracted their production. Butler Brothers and Selchow & Right were major jobbers.
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A trader whose strategy is to enter and exit trades quickly for small but frequent profit, without carrying a position overnight.
A person who trades in and out of shares very actively in the hope of making quick profits.
A trader who trades for small, short-term profits during the course of a trading session, rarely carrying a position overnight.
One who turns official or public business to private advantage; hence, one who performs low or mercenary work in office, politics, or intrigue.
A dealer in the public stocks or funds; a stockjobber.
a member of the Stock Brokers
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see logger. No glossary entries.
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A contractor who cut trees with his crew of men for a logging company.
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Joint clearing members Jump ball
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One who works by the job.