Definitions for "Job search"
a public relations campaign
a sales campaign in that you are selling yourself - your past, present, and future achievements and creativity
a self-marketing campaign
to hunt for employment. Since the term is related to economic development, you'll find Job Search as a resource category of Economic A participant in The Network is offered job search assistance in the form of a free personal webpage for publishing information, such as a résumé. has a glossary of terms related to career transition, job search, and employment. definition of job search defined definition of search for employment defined
To be considered as looking for work a person must have conducted an active search for a job within the four weeks prior to the interview week. See Active Job Search and Passive Job Search.
a reason for unemployment in which uncertainty in the labor market and workers' limited information requires people to spend time searching for a job.
a stressful time, and I've got to expect he'll make some mistakes
a communications process
a structured and straightforward process
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a job in itself, and it's almost as much fun as a multiple root canal procedure
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a lot like buying a new car
a lot like working on a project
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a passage and should begin with a destination in mind
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a very emotional thing
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a very difficult task
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a full-time job