Definitions for "Job Fair"
a form of employment facilitation program of the Department of Labor and Employment and the Public Employment Service Office (Peso), which aims to establish a one-stop-shop for job seekers and employers for job matching purposes
a great idea in your search for employment
Keywords:  nrcan, vacancies, cv, candidates, event
an event where NRCan will participate to collect the CV's of qualified candidates to staff specific current vacancies in the organization
a professional event
Keywords:  antiques, episode, road, lot
a lot like an episode of the "Antiques Road Show
Keywords:  drill, dance, director, team, listing
an on-line listing of job openings and applicants for dance and drill team director jobs
Keywords:  garden, business, place, home
a place of business, not the Home and Garden Show
Keywords:  brief, screening, process, one
a screening process only, and a very brief one at that
Keywords:  excellent, gain, contacts, leads, way
an excellent way to gain leads and make networking contacts