Definitions for "Jnana Yoga"
Keywords:  yoga, bhakti, yogic, intellect, jnani
(Skt) "Union'' with the divine through "knowledge'' and wisdom. abbalah (Heb) The esoteric "tradition'' or theosophy of the Jews.
A branch or path of yoga. It is the path of the mind and requires development of the intellect through the study of the scriptures and texts of the yogic tradition.
The Yoga of Knowledge or Wisdom seeks the knowledge hidden in all of us, through questioning, meditation, and contemplation. Before practicing jnana yoga, the practitioner needs to have integrated the lessons of the other yogic paths, for without selflessness, love of God, and the strength of body and mind, the search for self-realization is nothing more than an exercise in philosophy. It is considered the most difficult path, because it requires a radical shift in perception.
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The ascetic and the detached