Definitions for "Jnana"
(t. Ye Shes) Jnana is the innate aspect of intelligence, intrinsically part of the True Nature of the mind. It is direct 'knowing' without knower and known, without any conceptual reference and without the need for logical argument and reasoning. - it is " being wisdom" essentially it is insight into wisdom and into voidness, it is the non-material essential nature of which the universe is constructed. Experientially, it is a descriptive term for a state of wakefulness or openness, as opposed to the often missed bondage aspect of samaya. It is about the extent of groundedness inherent in the present experience. Polarity through blindness is still an aspect. The insight is synonymous with the release. It is instantaneous and non-conditional. Nothing more needs to be accomplished at this juncture, yet it is not a completion in any way. The next moment seems to arise in its own good time. There is no completion, ever. Trungpa Rinpoche said that jnana has the quality of openess and yet a, at the same time, a cynical attitude towards life that includes humour. There is a constant fascination, in a positive sense of wholesomeness. The state of being wise.
knowledge. The knowledge achieved through yoga.
Wisdom. Knowledge of the Self. Jnana is one of the four paths of Yoga. See page on the four paths
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Gyan Knowledge
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See dnyan. (1b)