Definitions for "JMC"
Joint Movement Center
Joint Ministerial Commission
Joint Mathematics Council
Keywords:  mayen, halocline, aken, bourke, odden
Jan Mayen Current. An eastward flow emanating from the East Greenland Current (EGC) in the Greenland Sea. Its axis is north of Jan Mayen and centered on 72-74 N. Its position in the winter is often associated with an ice odden, a persistent eastward extension of the East Greenland Ice Stream. The upper layer baroclinic flow shows that about half of the JMC is a wide meander in the EGC and about half continues eastward to close the Greenland Gyre system on the south. Beneath the halocline the meander dissipates and the flow becomes more barotropic, with the barotropic flow steered to the east by the Jan Mayen Fracture Zone. This has also been called the Jan Mayen Polar Current. See van Aken (1995) and Bourke et al. (1992).
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