Definitions for "Jet"
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A variety of lignite, of a very compact texture and velvet black color, susceptible of a good polish, and often wrought into mourning jewelry, toys, buttons, etc. Formerly called also black amber.
Petrified coal.
Hard coal, mined at Whitby, England, highly polished and carved. Primarily sold as memorial jewelry. An abbreviation representing the word karat, which signifies the fineness of the gold content of an item. See KARAT.
A shooting forth; a spouting; a spurt; a sudden rush or gush, as of water from a pipe, or of flame from an orifice; also, that which issues in a jet.
To spout; to emit in a stream or jet.
A term used to describe a tongue of fast water usually between two eddies.
a cluster of particles emerging from a collision in roughly the same direction, mostly hadrons.
Spray of particles produced from the vacuum by the passage of a high momentum quark or gluon. The direction of the jet indicates the direction of the said quark or gluon. [D89
Depending on their energy, the quarks and gluons emerging from a collision will materialize into 5-30 particles (mostly mesons and baryons). At high momentum, these particles will appear in clusters called ``jets,'' that is, in groups of particles moving in roughly the same direction, centered about the original quark or gluon.
See Junctional ectopic tachycardia
Junctional ectopic tachycardia. A very rapid heart beat that can be fatal if not properly controlled.
Jet is the name of a comic book character from the Wildstorm universe that was featured in Gen-Active and the Wildstorm Thunderbook in 2000 before appearing in her own four-issue miniseries by artist Dustin Nguyen and writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. She originally was featured in Backlash and Wildcore under the name of Crimson and was created by Sean Ruffner and Brett Booth.
'This article is about Celia Windward. For the Wildstorm character, see Jet (Wildstorm).
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JET is a rock band from Melbourne, Australia, whose debut album Get Born, released in 2003, has so far sold over 3.5 million copies throughout the world. The band is influenced by groups such as Queen, The Beatles, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Easybeats, AC/DC, The Faces, The Kinks, and T. Rex.
Jet magazine is a popular African-American publication founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1951 by John H. Johnson of Johnson Publishing Company. Jet is notable for its small digest-sized format.
"Jet", a hit song from Paul Mc Cartney and Wings' acclaimed Band on the Run album, is about one of McCartney's dogs. McCartney is often thought to have written "Martha My Dear" about another of his dogs on The White Album. The pet labrador puppy in question is named Jet, and the song peaked at #7 in both the UK and U.S. charts on March 30th, 1974.
an artificially produced flow of water
A feature of a toilet that is designed to start the siphoning action quickly by directing water into the trap way. Jets are also used in bathtubs to create a whirlpool type effect.
Line of hose from Water Tender Ladder
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A leap from one leg to another. Working leg is brushed through the air, forward, other leg is extended back. Leap is done forward, back, or to the side. Leap may also be done with back leg in attitude position.
is to throw or toss your leg (usually in a jump)
A leap in which the dancer propels himself with a pushoff from one leg, covers space in air, and lands on the other leg.
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To strut; to walk with a lofty or haughty gait; to be insolent; to obtrude.
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To jerk; to jolt; to be shaken.
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jet fighters
In mathematics, the jet is an operation which takes a differentiable function f and produces a polynomial, the truncated Taylor polynomial of f, at each point of its domain. Although this is the definition of a jet, the theory of jets regards these polynomials as being abstract polynomials rather than polynomial functions. This article first explores the notion of a jet of a real valued function in one real variable, followed by a discussion of generalizations to several real variables.
A very hard lustrous form of natural carbon. Prevents deep depression, quiets fears. Protects from violence and illness. Aids grieving. It is also used in healing to control and ease migraine and pain behind the eyes.
an airplane powered by one or more jet engines
an engine that produces a high speed jet of heated air, this exhaust pushes the aircraft forward.
Access's JET Database Engine. It controls the storage of data and the definition of all objects in a database.
Jet is a filling station brand of Conoco Phillips, used in Europe.
Organic in origin which was formed from the remains of wood immersed in stagnant water millions of years ago then compacted by the pressure of burial.
Japan Exchange and Teaching
Japan Exchange Teaching - refers to either the program or a participant.
"Jet" is an episode from the animated television series , which airs on Nickelodeon. It is the tenth episode of the first season of the series.
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street names for ketamine
Joint European Torus
Joint Environmental Toolkit
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To shoot forward or out; to project; to jut out.
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fly a jet plane
The crystal master gains the ability to fly as the power with double its normal duration (2 minutes per level). She can activate it a number of times per day equal to twice the number of embedded gems. (Level restriction: 4th.)
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The sprue of a type, which is broken from it when the type is cold.
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A graceful move where a gymnast springs from one foot to the other.
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Drift; scope; range, as of an argument.
syn. Liquid Jet, q.v.
the occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid)
A database format used by AuthorIT to store a documentation Library. AuthorIT can also use SQL Server databases.
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A highly directed flow of matter, or radiation that comes from such a flow.
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Go or leave.
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Jobs, Education and Training
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Same as 2d Get.