Definitions for "Jerk"
Keywords:  abrupt, yank, twitch, quick, thrust
To give a quick and suddenly arrested thrust, push, pull, or twist, to; to yerk; as, to jerk one with the elbow; to jerk a coat off.
To throw with a quick and suddenly arrested motion of the hand; as, to jerk a stone.
To make a sudden motion; to move with a start, or by starts.
a fiery Jamaican seasoning blend used in the preparation of grilled foods, especially pork or chicken. It usually includes chilies, thyme, allspice, garlic and onions.
a Jamaican preparation method in which meats and poultry are marinated in herbs and spices, then cooked over a pimento (allspice) wood fire; commercial blends of jerk spices are available.
To flout with contempt.
A foolish, stupid, or otherwise contemptible person.
a dull stupid fatuous person
Keywords:  lowder, lamar, spate, leeno, mario
Jerk is an industrial metal band from Sydney, Australia, comprised of Mario Spate (vocals), Lamar Lowder (drums), Charles Cilia (guitar) and Leeno Dee (bass).
Keywords:  wanker, prat, tosser, bugger, rag
bugger, prat, wanker, tosser, toe-rag [all slang
a name sometimes used by engineers for the rate of change in the acceleration of an object. This is not as silly as it might sound, because when we're in a vehicle and feel a jerk, we are in fact experiencing a change in the acceleration of the vehicle. The term has also been used as a unit of rate of change in acceleration equal to a change in acceleration of one foot per second per second in one second, that is, 1 ft/sec3. In this usage, one jerk equals 0.3048 m/s3 or about 0.03108 /sec.
(mechanics) the rate of change of velocity
vector that specifies the time rate of change of the acceleration; the third derivative of displacement with respect to time.
Keywords:  yung, filly, arched, stiff, jump
jump vertically, with legs stiff and back arched; "the yung filly bucked"
a deliberately inconsiderate and insulting person
Keywords:  moron, idiot, cool, ass, alternative
a cool alternative word for idiot, moron, or ass
Keywords:  charqui, beef, slices, strips, sun
To cut into long slices or strips and dry in the sun; as, to jerk beef. See Charqui.
Keywords:  tug, thanks, boat, beautiful, know
a tug, and a tug is a boat, and a boat is made of wood, and wood is nature, and nature is beautiful, so thanks, I know I am
Keywords:  muttered, victim, else, phrase, breath
Phrase to be muttered under your breath when you become the victim of someone else's good play.
Keywords:  messes, hero, along, potential, way
a potential hero who messes it up along the way
Keywords:  stuff, lap, challenge, dog, hot
a challenge because girls figure that if they can turn him into a lap dog then they really must be some kind of hot stuff
Keywords:  cattle, trip, rough, gather, country
A gather of, or trip through, a small piece of country. Term often used in rough country where cattle are hard to gather.
Keywords:  impart, rod, stroke, fast, action
Fast and powerful stroke of the rod used to impart action into a jerkbait.
Keywords:  beat, strike
To beat; to strike.