Definitions for "Java Beans"
Java Beans are a specification developed by JavaSoft that defines how Java objects interact. An object that conforms to this specification is called a JavaBean, and is similar to an ActiveX control. It can be used by any application that understands the JavaBeans format. The principal difference between ActiveX controls and JavaBeans are that ActiveX controls can be developed in any programming language but executed only on a Windows platform, whereas JavaBeans can be developed only in Java, but can run on any platform. To the top
are components of reusable software that can be employed in distributed applications and manipulated visually in a builder tool. Beans can be combined to create applications, or smaller web-oriented applets. In addition, applets can be designed to work as reusable Beans.
A software component technology defined for the effective reuse of Java software components.
An object model being developed by SunSoft that is targeted to inter-operate with a variety of other object models, including COM and CORBA.
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see Java.