Definitions for "James Wilson"
American Revolutionary leader who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence (1742-1798)
James Wilson (September 14, 1742–August 21, 1798), was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, twice elected to the Continental Congress, a major force in the drafting of the nation's Constitution, a leading legal theoretician and one of the six original justices appointed by George Washington to the United States Supreme Court in 1789. James Wilson was so knowledgeable on the subject of government that he was generally regarded as the most erudite of all the learned Founding Fathers.
James Wilson (August 16, 1835 – August 26, 1920) was a Scotland-born United States politician who served as United States Secretary of Agriculture from 1897 – 1913. He was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, on August 16, 1835. One of 14 children, he grew up in a farming community not far from the birthplace of Robert Burns.