Definitions for "James Martin"
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Dr. James Martin is a consultant and author, has been called the "guru of the information age," and was nominated for a Pulitzer prize for his book, "The Wired Society: A Challenge for Tomorrow." A former Student of Keble College, Oxford, he has written over a hundred books many of which were best sellers in the information technology industry.
Sir James Martin KCB QC in (May 14 1820 - November 4 1886) was three times Premier of New South Wales, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales from 1873 - 1886.
James Martin (born 17 June 1992) is an English actor who took over the role of Peter Beale in the BBC soap opera East Enders from Joseph Shade in October 2004. He played Pete Beale until August 2006, when Thomas Law took over the role at the end of the month. James enjoys football, sports, singing, acting and dancing.