Definitions for "James Allen"
James Browning Allen (December 28 1912–June 1 1978) was a Democratic U.S. Senator from Alabama. Allen was born in Gadsden, Alabama and attended the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama Law School.
James Allen (10 February, 1855 – 28 July, 1942) was a prominent New Zealand politician and diplomat. He held a number of the most important political offices in the country, including Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was also New Zealand's Minister of Defence during World War I.
James Allen (November 28 1864 - 1912) was a writer of inspirational books and poetry. Born in Leicester, England, James was 15 when his father, a businessman, was robbed and murdered. He left school to work full-time in several British manufacturing firms to help support the family.