Definitions for "Jabot"
Keywords:  swag, festoon, valance, cascade, pleats
A cascading, decorative fabric used to finish a horizontal festoon. See Festoon.
a pleated panel used on either side of a swag or in between two swags to cover the seams
Vertical fabric sections in swag drapery treatments.
Keywords:  ruffle, chemise, doublet, frill, shirt
Originally, a kind of ruffle worn by men on the bosom of the shirt.
An arrangement of lace or tulle, looped ornamentally, and worn by women on the front of the dress.
zhah BOW] (pin) lit., ruffle or frill. See cliquet.
Keywords:  cravatte, see
See cravatte.
A type of brooch with two decorative terminals that are separated by a concealed pin stem, creating the illusion of two separate brooches.