Definitions for "ITT"
Individual time-trial. A discipline where each rider starts individually, usually one minute apart. The rider with the fastest time over a set distance is the winner. See also: TTT.
Intention to treat. The preferred method of analysing the statistical data from randomised controlled trials, whereby all participants are analysed in the treatment groups to which they were randomised regardless of what treatment they actually received. There are no glossary terms. There are no glossary terms.
intention to treat, an analysis of the results of a clinical trial that includes all patients entered into the trial whether or not they completed the study or complied fully with the protocol.
Invitation to Tender
This formal ESA action activates the placing of a contract. When an ITT is issued by ESA it contains: The cover letter The technical and management requirements The draft contract The Special Tender Conditions In particular the cover letter will indicate: the reference to the programme/activity concerned (item number in the list of ESA intended Invitations to Tender for the year concerned), the name of the contracts officer who will be the only point of contact during the whole tendering procedure, an outline of the main conditions of the ITT: subject and type of procurement, type of contract/price, planning, geographical distribution requirements, the formal conditions of submissions: tendering date and time of delivery of the tender.
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Inter-tank transfer
inter-turbine temperature. Also TGT, turbine gas temperature TIT, turbine inlet temperature.
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Institute of TAFE Tasmania
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Input Translation Table. Data structure used in MMC chipsets for the Cisco 6400 NSP.
Innovation and Technology Transfer Magazine - the Newsletter of the Innovation Programme.
Innovative Treatment Technology
A course that prepares students for a teaching career, such as a PGCE or BEd.
The Institute of Travel and Tourism, or the ITT as it is more commonly known, was established back in 1956. It is a professional membership body and aims to to develop and maintain professional standards throughout the UK Tourism industry. It also provides its tourism industry members many networking opportunities as well as encouraging students and corporate companies to become members.
abbreviation for iliotibial tract
International Transshipment Terminal
International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation
Integrated Training Team
Interdisciplinary Treatment Team
Initial Teacher Training
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In-House Therapy